The typical contract period is for 12 months (1 year), unless otherwise stated.

Copies of Passports/ID cards are required for contracts plus a 2nd home address

Rental figures are quoted in Euros and are based on a 12 month contract unless otherwise stated. 

Rents are payable per calender month in ADVANCE for long term rental contracts of 6-12 months. 


A deposit is required for every property, usually being the equivalent of  1 months rent, but it is also very common for owners to request slightly more especially if the property has more value.

The deposit is payable upon reserving the property. It is non refundable if you change your mind after 24 hrs so please be 100% sure before paying! 

At the end of the tenancy, upon completion of the contract, the deposit is refundable up to 14 working days after the property is checked for damages and cleanliness and all utility bills are settled. 

Properties are to be returned as given ... clean ! This includes electrical appliances and soft furnishings. 

Please be aware if the property is not returned as given there will be a deduction from the deposit to clean the property / fix  damages caused by the tenant  / or their negligence. 


If termination of the agreement is required, prior to the end of the contract, the deposit is seen as void (lost) and the Landlord can take legal action to retrieve the remaining months rents. 

PLEASE do not take out a 6 or 12 month contract if you have no intention of staying the full term. Discuss with the letting agent other options. It may be wiser to take a shorter rental period, pay a higher rental value, just so not to have to endure the legallities involved with cancelling a valid contract! 


References can be requested as can information for source of income ie work / retired.                        

The property owners and their agents have the right to decline a rental offer upon failure to provide sufficient proof of work/income/references 


All tenants are responsible to pay for their electric and water usage. 

Electric accounts are reverted to the tenants names upon tenancy. This is a must for most properties and should be for tenants, as it is an important part of proving your residency here in Cyprus, by having a legal utilty bill in your name with address. It is also known that certain banks/telephone companies request the utility bills for proof of residence. 

The electric authorities of cyprus ( known as EAC ) will charge a deposit, refundable to you upon closure of the account.

At the moment for 2019 the charge is 200 euros for EU Nationals ( including cypriots ) and 350 for non EU Nationals. 

Electric bills are issued every 2 months and can be posted or emailed to you for payment. 

You can pay online or at the offices located in Paralimni. 

More info here:

Water bills are kept in the Landlords name and bills are issued every 3 months for payment. 

It is also normal for the tenants of long term rental properties to pay the REFUSE Tax which is the equivilant to council tax in other countries. The bills are payable to the municipality and are issued yearly, normally towards the end of every year. 

Different regions/villages have different yearly prices. Paralimni region being the lowest cost at 117 per year for an apartment and 155 per year for a house. Avgorou and Liopetri have been known to have the highest refuse tax rates at 350-400 euros pet year.


SUMMER rentals : Rents are PREPAID in advance

Deposits : From 500 euros for 1 bed apartments. 

Utility Bills : Electric and water meters are read upon arrival / departure. Costs are calculated and deducted from the deposit. 


Any references to measurements, distances and sizes are approximate and provided for guidance purposes only, all detail remains subject to verification.

Prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice

 We try to keep the website and details as updated as much as possible. We are not responsible if the property has rented /  sold without our knowledge. 

Long Term Property Rentals