Here are a few Q & A’s that we get asked most of the time! 
Q. CY Services has been highly recommended by my circle of friends, I also have a property in Cyprus and I would like you to find me a long term tenant, can you help?
A. Of course we would love to help you! We would be happy to advertise your property on our No 1 website 
 Our independent agent that covers your region will need to visit your property to help you estimate a rental figure that suits you and the current market value, they will also need to take photographs to be able to upload your property to our webpage and advertise, so it’s in your best interest to have the property looking in tip top condition! A small description will also be written, if you already have a more detailed written description of your property that could be used please give that to your agent.
So what are you waiting for? Call them and make an appointment now! 
Q. Will this procedure cost me anything?
A. NO!!!
Q. So how do you get paid? Do you work for free?! 
A. Ha Ha...If only… It will cost you absolutely nothing until a rental is secured. Then our fee is equivalent to the 1st month’s rent, payable when the 1st month’s rent is collected. 
Q. What else do you offer for your fee?
1. Unlimited viewings of the property until a tenant is secured
2. Once a tenant is secured we will arrange payment of the deposit and contract signing
3. Key delivery to the tenant when rental commences and collection of the 1st rent
4. Electric meter readings will be taken and arrangement for the electric account to go to the tenant’s name. 
5. Water meter readings will be taken 
7. We will also provide the tenant with the relevant information for future rental payments/contact details of the owner/or management company for future correspondence. 
Q&A’s continue… 
Q. So I am not in the country, I don’t have any labourers contacts and no property management in place what happens after the tenant moves in if there is a problem? 
A.  We have exchanged your email address/telephone numbers between you, I'm sure you can both work it out?! 
Q. I don’t have the time to deal with these things/or my tenant doesn't speak my language…can you help!! 
A. Yes we can. 
Q.  OK great! Also ….what happens when it’s time for the tenant to depart the property, or renew the contract, can you help again? 
A. Yes, please ask your rental agent for the CY Services Property Management Packages that we can offer.